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We are Jen & Dom, a loving, down to earth couple from Brooklyn, NY.  We are so excited and ready to open our hearts to the world of parenthood!  Our long time dream of raising a family begins here. We have an incredible support system of family and friends.  Your baby will have a great foundation to grow on and will always know what an amazing person you are to us.

We are so grateful you have taken the time to read about us.  We have to commend you for having such strength and courage during this time.  As you get to know us, we hope you find comfort in knowing how much we’d love to share our lives with a child through adoption.  It may also ease your mind to know that Dominic has been in a similar situation as yours and can relate to the challenges you are facing.  He is a birthparent who placed a baby for adoption many years ago and has recently reconnected.

We welcome you to read on and get a glimpse into our world.  We only wish the best for you and your baby.

With warmest regards,

Jen & Dom

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